At Barcelona Elite Method we know the importance of the educational training of young talents, and for this reason we offer different academic plans thanks to our collaboration with different educational centers. Currently they are the best options for our international players to continue their studies without abandoning any academic year and allow them to reach the University successfully in the future.



The favorite option of the vast majority of our players. This course will allow you to learn a new language while continuing your sports career.

At the end of the course you will obtain an official certificate so that you can accredit your knowledge in any educational center in the world.

education barcelona elite method
education barcelona elite method



If your passion for this sport goes beyond playing and in the future you want to lead teams, this is your course.

Train yourself as a coach with professional teachers and obtain your license in Spain that will allow you to train anywhere in the world.



A course focused on those players who intend to continue their studies through the American system and that also allows them the necessary compatibility to continue with their football career.

In addition, our players will maintain their eligibility for American Universities as it is an NCAA accredited course.

education barcelona elite method

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If you have always dreamed of training and playing in Spain, Barcelona Elite Method will help you by making a personalized and professional plan to achieve your goals.

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